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One day affecting my whole future.

Last year I took the SAT’s in May. To prepare I took the PSAT’s in the fall and did a 6 week SAT prep program at the REOC. When it came time to test I scored a 1620 total on the SAT; 610 on the reading section, 470 on the math section (I nearly died when I saw that), and a 540 on the writing section. My goal was to get atleast a 1700, so I came pretty close. The thing is my math score is INCREDIBLY low. So low…
I praticed ALL summer (literally I felt like I was in schpol again) and I purchased the SAT study guide book. I’ve been focusing on math in particular because I want that score to be atleast a 500 minimum and a 600 or higher would be beautiful. The issues is that I love math and give me time I can figure out the problem, but when it’s timed and I don’t have a lot of time to logically work out a problem I get reckless with the mistakes. So pray to God that I do well this Saturday coming up. I’ve also stared a “fasting” today. It’s when you go without something (usually food) for a period of time to grow closer to God and have spiritual break through. I’ve giving up Facebook and twitter until next Sunday and I’m giving up TV tomorrow until next Sunday as well.
The prayer is that my SAT scores increase tremendously, amen!
In the meanwhile I’ll read my bible more and seek God through prayer much more.



College . . .

So college searching has been an adventure. As I’ve said before my list started at fifty colleges, and it slowly made it’s way down to 8.

These colleges are;

NYU, Wagner college, Hofstra university, Suny purchase, St. John Fisher, Nazareth, Unievrsity of Rochester, MCC.


The thing is I only have two public colleges. There’s MCC and Suny Purchase. And MCC is a backup so I’m nervous that I will put myself into a whole by not having any public schedules. 

So… this week I plan on showing Jamie my list of colleges, and getting an opinion. 


Vast Hopes – Mood explanation 9/24

This weeks color is ocean blue.

Ocean blue in particular, because my hopes and dreams for this year are like the ocean. Big vast, and endless. Forever wanting to expand and engulf anything that comes in it’s way. As I’ve been reading the Lighting Thief in extended class I’be begun to marvel at the power of water. How strong, and yet how gentle. How destructive, yet how restorative. A double edged sword. Dreams can also be a double edged sword; if you follow your dreams then praise, but if not, if your dreams are deferred they could explode and become a heavy weight.

Poseidon tells Percy “The sea does not like to be retrained” (p.345). Well my dreams are the same. They don’t like to be restrained, held down, thrown to the back, or cast aside. I’m going to take this hope of an exceedingly great school year and break the levees that is my mind.


Getting Use To This.

I’ve made it through another week, and I feel really good about it. *Thank God*. I got my community members Jane Sutter who is a editor at the Democrat and Chronicles. At first she was going to search for a commubty expert for me, but then she decided she would be on my committee and just be an advocate for resources I need from the Democrat and Chronicles. Feel really good about that. Erica Bryant is my other community member; Sally Bitterbon hooked me up with her. Erica is a part time journalist at the D&C and has a background in fiction writer. Idonia knows her and said she loves her (which really got me pumped). I haven’t met her yet so I don’t actually have an opinion on her yet, BUT she seems really nice and glad to have her on my commitie. In other news I wanted to have three staff members on my committee (Mar, Bond, and Mary Kay) but Idonia said I was “doing to much” hahhah and just stick with the required. So I asked Mary Kay and mar (Mar is forced to be on my committee) because I had multiple dreams about Mart Kay before I even met her which was VERY erie. But God does everything for a reason plus she is new to SWW so it will be good for her to be on a committee and see how it goes.
(I’m not for sure if she has seniors in her extended class.) With that said the heated emotions that I was feeling this week are starting to fade away and I’m just plain excited to how this year is going to play out.

Next; Colleges (NYU), Color mood 9/24, glee and events/activities in the planning.

Mood Color explanation: orange Week of 9/17

This week is orange, because I’m a little anxious, nervous, and truthfully stressed. I think it has to do with the classes I’m taking. I take 3 classes with  Mariana (AP, Advance literature, and extended class). I get ALOT of reading work, plus projects. Then there’s math work at MCC. I think the sudden rush of emotions has to do with me not adjusting.I think when I get home I’m going to make me a planned schedule, on how to juggle homework, clubs, and college stuff.

College stuff.

That’s a whole other post. For now I had my senior meeting with Jamie, and she told me to to add more public shcool to my list because mine were all private except one. I already have eight to nine colleges on my list, so either I had to take some off or not add public. I mean I wish I could add some public schools to my list, but after having fifty colleges on my list back in the beginning of June i am very satisfied with my list of eight to nine. So . . . I’ll keep you updated on what happens with my college list. 





Weekend Update

Here goes an update on where I’m at on my senior probject.
1. Defentily doing the school news paper as my senior project.
2. Called Jane Sutter from D&C and Sally Bitterbon from Writers and Books to give me guidance for who I can use as my senior project experts.
3.Wrote(A) and (C)of my proposal.
4. Been brain storming ideas from community, staff, and friends.

Worries, Troubles, all Thrown Away.

School started September 5th 2012, and right away I was thrown into the hustle and bustle of senior year. When I walked into this year I had the idea that I was going to start a student government in School Without Walls, and that was that. I washed my hands clean of all the unwanted troubles of “thinking” up a senior project. My mine was set. The only problem was that, as the first couple of days of school began to roll on, and all of these deadlines drew themselves into my agenda it started to seem real. I wasn’t for sure that I wanted to do this as a senior project, and to be real I loss some sleep thinking about if this was the project I really want to do for 8 months.

It didn’t help that my friends all seemed to know what they were doing, and had their community experts set up.

Eventually after getting advice from teachers I decided a project involving writing would be the project for me. Creating a school news paper; the perfect project idea at last.

I was elated at the epiphany that occurred when I heard the idea “school news paper”, and even more elated at the amount of support I was getting from friends and teachers.  There was a little faltering in my faith about my senior project (SP) topic, but it was brief.

Through guidance, prayer, support I was feeling confident in the path I was headed. All of this in a matter of days. What I learned from this little ordeal was not to get so worked up, cause I can only imagine what it will be like as we head into this school year.


First official post; mood color.

This is my first official blog post.
Just a lay out of how things are gonna go.-

Goning to blog ATLEAST 3 times a week, and try my best to keep the blog updated with photos, videos, and other multimedia.
The color of the blog title will change weekly depending on my mood, goals, or season/time. I will explain each week why the color is as it is.

So for the first week 9/10 to 9/14 the color is red. Red because I’m motivated and passionate about what lies ahead in my senior project and senior year!
Red, because as excited as I am I’m also nervous and very apprehensive about what I want to do.
Red, because it’s a foreshadowing color of all of the “deep” emotions I will face this year.


Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!