Worries, Troubles, all Thrown Away.

School started September 5th 2012, and right away I was thrown into the hustle and bustle of senior year. When I walked into this year I had the idea that I was going to start a student government in School Without Walls, and that was that. I washed my hands clean of all the unwanted troubles of “thinking” up a senior project. My mine was set. The only problem was that, as the first couple of days of school began to roll on, and all of these deadlines drew themselves into my agenda it started to seem real. I wasn’t for sure that I wanted to do this as a senior project, and to be real I loss some sleep thinking about if this was the project I really want to do for 8 months.

It didn’t help that my friends all seemed to know what they were doing, and had their community experts set up.

Eventually after getting advice from teachers I decided a project involving writing would be the project for me. Creating a school news paper; the perfect project idea at last.

I was elated at the epiphany that occurred when I heard the idea “school news paper”, and even more elated at the amount of support I was getting from friends and teachers.  There was a little faltering in my faith about my senior project (SP) topic, but it was brief.

Through guidance, prayer, support I was feeling confident in the path I was headed. All of this in a matter of days. What I learned from this little ordeal was not to get so worked up, cause I can only imagine what it will be like as we head into this school year.



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