Mood Color explanation: orange Week of 9/17

This week is orange, because I’m a little anxious, nervous, and truthfully stressed. I think it has to do with the classes I’m taking. I take 3 classes with  Mariana (AP, Advance literature, and extended class). I get ALOT of reading work, plus projects. Then there’s math work at MCC. I think the sudden rush of emotions has to do with me not adjusting.I think when I get home I’m going to make me a planned schedule, on how to juggle homework, clubs, and college stuff.

College stuff.

That’s a whole other post. For now I had my senior meeting with Jamie, and she told me to to add more public shcool to my list because mine were all private except one. I already have eight to nine colleges on my list, so either I had to take some off or not add public. I mean I wish I could add some public schools to my list, but after having fifty colleges on my list back in the beginning of June i am very satisfied with my list of eight to nine. So . . . I’ll keep you updated on what happens with my college list. 






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