Getting Use To This.

I’ve made it through another week, and I feel really good about it. *Thank God*. I got my community members Jane Sutter who is a editor at the Democrat and Chronicles. At first she was going to search for a commubty expert for me, but then she decided she would be on my committee and just be an advocate for resources I need from the Democrat and Chronicles. Feel really good about that. Erica Bryant is my other community member; Sally Bitterbon hooked me up with her. Erica is a part time journalist at the D&C and has a background in fiction writer. Idonia knows her and said she loves her (which really got me pumped). I haven’t met her yet so I don’t actually have an opinion on her yet, BUT she seems really nice and glad to have her on my commitie. In other news I wanted to have three staff members on my committee (Mar, Bond, and Mary Kay) but Idonia said I was “doing to much” hahhah and just stick with the required. So I asked Mary Kay and mar (Mar is forced to be on my committee) because I had multiple dreams about Mart Kay before I even met her which was VERY erie. But God does everything for a reason plus she is new to SWW so it will be good for her to be on a committee and see how it goes.
(I’m not for sure if she has seniors in her extended class.) With that said the heated emotions that I was feeling this week are starting to fade away and I’m just plain excited to how this year is going to play out.

Next; Colleges (NYU), Color mood 9/24, glee and events/activities in the planning.


2 thoughts on “Getting Use To This.

  1. Mariana says:

    I think your project is going to be absolutely wonderful! Creating a newspaper is A LOT of work but I know you can rise to the challenge! You are such a talented writer and a creative person…I have no doubt that it will be an incredible paper! Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

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