Vast Hopes – Mood explanation 9/24

This weeks color is ocean blue.

Ocean blue in particular, because my hopes and dreams for this year are like the ocean. Big vast, and endless. Forever wanting to expand and engulf anything that comes in it’s way. As I’ve been reading the Lighting Thief in extended class I’be begun to marvel at the power of water. How strong, and yet how gentle. How destructive, yet how restorative. A double edged sword. Dreams can also be a double edged sword; if you follow your dreams then praise, but if not, if your dreams are deferred they could explode and become a heavy weight.

Poseidon tells Percy “The sea does not like to be retrained” (p.345). Well my dreams are the same. They don’t like to be restrained, held down, thrown to the back, or cast aside. I’m going to take this hope of an exceedingly great school year and break the levees that is my mind.



2 thoughts on “Vast Hopes – Mood explanation 9/24

  1. Mariana says:

    I just loved reading this post…and listening to you read it to the class. You have such a way with words…and you think deeply about everything. The power of water…what a beautiful and important topic. I love the connection you make between the sea and your dreams.

  2. jamichael says:


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