One day affecting my whole future.

Last year I took the SAT’s in May. To prepare I took the PSAT’s in the fall and did a 6 week SAT prep program at the REOC. When it came time to test I scored a 1620 total on the SAT; 610 on the reading section, 470 on the math section (I nearly died when I saw that), and a 540 on the writing section. My goal was to get atleast a 1700, so I came pretty close. The thing is my math score is INCREDIBLY low. So low…
I praticed ALL summer (literally I felt like I was in schpol again) and I purchased the SAT study guide book. I’ve been focusing on math in particular because I want that score to be atleast a 500 minimum and a 600 or higher would be beautiful. The issues is that I love math and give me time I can figure out the problem, but when it’s timed and I don’t have a lot of time to logically work out a problem I get reckless with the mistakes. So pray to God that I do well this Saturday coming up. I’ve also stared a “fasting” today. It’s when you go without something (usually food) for a period of time to grow closer to God and have spiritual break through. I’ve giving up Facebook and twitter until next Sunday and I’m giving up TV tomorrow until next Sunday as well.
The prayer is that my SAT scores increase tremendously, amen!
In the meanwhile I’ll read my bible more and seek God through prayer much more.



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