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SPU # 1

So, what a busy week!
I wasn’t able to do little updates here and there like I usually do, but here’s the new things.

1.) My senior project meeting last week went really well and Ive been assigned some duties to get done.
2.) I’ve been filling out college apps, and have been writing a lot of supplement essays.
3.) I’ve bee accepted into the MVP program at U of R which is a visitation program in November.
4.) I got a $1500 renewable scholarship for academic excellence.
5.) I’m getting the “News Without Walls” committee together, and out first meeting is Wednesday during lunch.

Ready for a new week.


Being a Kid is my Goal

A while back a friend asked me, “How do you do all that you, and still have time for yourself”? I had to have her define what she meant by “time for yourself”, because I wasn’t for sure. After pondering on her question for a little while I really didn’t know If I do a lot of “me” time stuff. Except watch my favorite TV shows ( the voice, glee, adventure time, etc). So this year I really wanted to make it a goal to just hang out with new friends and chill. Do teenager stuff!
The perfect outlet for that has been Glee club. I don’t know how, but we’ll stay in the big room for over 2 hours practice, and sometimes just sitting around talking and playing games.
This type of “freedom” to have no pressure on me, just filled with a room full peers who want to have fun is amazing. With that said I’m really gonna miss SWW, and even more just being able to be a kid. I’m growing up, I’m moving on, and I’ll always get older, but I’ll never get younger. I gotta make this year a memorable one, and I can’t lie; it’s already been pretty exciting.


Writing; An Art

Writing, writing and more writing. Senior year is full of writing. Good thing I love doing it.
So far I have to work on my college essay, write essays for college supplements, and writing scholarship essays. It’s essential that I set myself early deadlines, because although I love to write, if I wait to the last minute writing can become a heavy load. That’s unneeded stress. One problem I have encountered is my college essays. I have so many things I could write about, and I’m really having trouble getting out of the “thesis writing” style and getting into the more “creative writing”. Eh, time, practice, and revisions will help me, but until then simply brainstorming and not writing at all is my best aid.


Grey Skies

This weeks color is grey.
Not only am I feeling the color grey, but it’s a nice color. Haha. I’m not working AT ALL this week (which is complete heaven) , but on the other hand, I’m busy everyday after school and durning lunch.
So even though I’m free falling in blue skies I have scatters clouds thought my week.
Tomorrow is my first senior meeting, so that’s pretty exciting. College and finical aid night this Thursday and Oktoberfest is Friday. It’s an amazing tradition at SWW, and my favorite part is all of the delicious food.
Lastly I’m waiting to hear from the U of R to see if I’ve been accepted into the Multicultural Visitation Program. MVP is a 3 day visitation program to get the feel for college.
So, wish me blessings and success for another week!


Every Voice Matters

In Extended class were working on fantasies. My fantasy is about a world without sound. The theme of my story is that a world without sound, voice, or expression is meaningless and shouldn’t be lived without it. Also we should appreciate our voices no matter how small or how great they are.

(When we start to write these pieces I’ll keep you updated and may even post a chapter or two from my fantasy.)

The reason I brought my fantasy up is, because I saw something worrisome, in Extended class. I was singing with a female peer of mines, and another girl was singing for the class. Everyone clapped for us, and it was a very good mood of impression and awe. Another one of my peers, a little awestruck, turned and said not particularly to anyone “Man, I wish I could sing like . . .”. It was disheartening  because he said it as if since he can’t sing like Trey songz or Michael Jackson he shouldn’t sing at all. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t quite know what to say.

“We all have beautiful voices”.

Whatever you sing will touch our hearts”.

“Don’t let what other people say discourage you”.

All of these lines sounded cliche, and I know that saying something cliche can do more harm than not saying anything at all. With that said I hope my fantasy touches some of the hearts of my readers in a new and original way. For that person who feels they don’t have a good voice, to that person who feels they’re to shy and have nothing important to say.

Fantasy is an amazing genre, but great stories have a meaning and a purpose to convey to the audience.


Circle of Power and Respect

I remember the first day I came to SWW. My first day of classes was on Valentines day.I sat in a small room with a sea of students glaring at me with judging eyes. I felt crowded and cold, and not feeling very welcomed. Then the man in the front of the room tilting his head side to side showing off his nose ring in the process spoke. “Gather around everyone were gonna start CPR”. My head jolted up to the man I was suppose to refer to by first name. I stood like a deer in head lights as the other students stood up and started to place the chairs in  the room in a circle. “I don’t know how to do CPR”, I nervously whispered to the girl next to me who was wearing all black. She chuckled  like I told a funny joke. The kids in the room started to speak one after another.

“Were not doing that type of CPR”.

“CPR stands for circle of power and respect”

“We do it everyday in extended class’

“Do you really think I’d put my lips on anyone here”?

“Might get a disease”.

The class broke out in laughter. In an instance the icy shell encasing my confidences fell off and I grew the courage to speak up. “What do we do in CPR”, I stammered.

“Reading, greeting, sharing, activity . . . ”


Since then I’ve grown from the shy guy in a room full of students. CPR has helped me to connect with my peers, but also help facilitate the classroom, and grow as a leader. I use CPR wherever I go, and I’ll probably use it for the rest of my life. From traveling to Hawaii, and doing CPR with a class of Hawaiians  to starting Glee club with a musical CPR every week, I’ll cherish this gift.


Color explanation; Gold

This week’s color is going to be gold.
I choose gold, because I feel exuberant and reflective of all the great things gonna on in my life.

An update on my senior project;
my first senior meeting HAS to be held before November 2, and I believe that my meeting will be October 23rd. That’s a Tuesday. All I have to do is double check with Mar, and see if that day has a green light, then make sure my student members Ruthie and Anthony are on board. Meanwhile I’ve been working on applying to the MVP program for the U of R, and I’ve made my first draft for my college essay. I’m officially getting my gears turning for college applying, and I believe U of R is gonna be the first application I work on. After; the tours, going to the RAC yesterday, and researching U of R I’m excited. The University of Rochester looks like it will be an amazing school, and I pray to God that I’m accepted. After researching some statistics their average admission scores are very high. My reading SAT scores fall in range, but my writing and math don’t. For now. I’m more than confident my math went up on the recent SAT I just took. Besides SAT though, I think as an “all around student” I’m college ready.
Just hopefully, the admission office can see that.

My Two Main Flaws are My Best Qualities

The paradoxical title holds all truth when I say, my flaws are a great strength to me when used properly. My two vices are;
1.) being VERY impressionable and
2.) having the desire to please other.
First, my impressionabilty has gotten me into all sorts of troubles in my time. When I was in the SWW middle school I was new to the school (February of 7th grade). I didn’t have much freedom in exploring my own character before then, so the new found freedom to do so was overwhelming. I listened to any music that was given to me, would enact “follow the leader” to grow as a person, and developed mannerism from not always positive people. Basically I became a similar copy of whoever I hung around. The obvious issues with this began to become less and less apparent as I grew older, and formed a mind and opinion of my own. This ability to copy and learn from whoever I was around benefitted me greatly as a student though.
I learned quickly, but not only did I retain information, but I applied it to my life as if all the knowledge bestowed upon me was my own. Thus my vice became a positive trait.
My other flaw, having the desire to please others, is one that I’ve conquered, but still dwell over. I use to wory about does he/she not like me, because of A, B, and C? If so, what can I do to fix myself to feel accepted. My apparent need to fit it not only deprived me of being myself, but with combined with my my first flaw it only aided in me becoming more of a “people pleaser”. What’s good about this “flaw” is that I’m conscious of how people view me and others. It helps me to be a kinder person, because I pay attention to others emotions, and at the same time be overly aware of people’s intentions towards me. Having this ability improves my people skills tremendously. Every now and then I’ll go into a phase of identity crisis, but when it comes to being human sometimes you get the good AND the bad.


They are my own.

My mind will bring back thoughts.
Thoughts from the past that have taken a temporary slumber. Thoughts that have thrown off the foggy blankets that enshroud them. Thoughts that bring ideas and memories to the rim of my mind. Thoughts. Some of these thoughts envoke smiles, some draw frowns, some pull digust from my deepest core. Regardless of what they bring though, these thoughts are my own and I revere these experiences.


Steady Sailing; Color Explanation

This weeks color is a different shade of blue. Just like last week the color was ocean blue, due to the vastness of it. The differentiation of blue represents me speedily sailing this week.
I’m working eighteen hours this week. Which for me, is vast compared to the three hours that I’ve grown accustomed to in the pass two weeks.
With that in mind, major things coming up this week there’s my; first thesis test in advance lit, 2nd math test of the year, and movie night friday. It’s a pretty chalked full week, so I’m glad that we have monday off at school.