My Two Main Flaws are My Best Qualities

The paradoxical title holds all truth when I say, my flaws are a great strength to me when used properly. My two vices are;
1.) being VERY impressionable and
2.) having the desire to please other.
First, my impressionabilty has gotten me into all sorts of troubles in my time. When I was in the SWW middle school I was new to the school (February of 7th grade). I didn’t have much freedom in exploring my own character before then, so the new found freedom to do so was overwhelming. I listened to any music that was given to me, would enact “follow the leader” to grow as a person, and developed mannerism from not always positive people. Basically I became a similar copy of whoever I hung around. The obvious issues with this began to become less and less apparent as I grew older, and formed a mind and opinion of my own. This ability to copy and learn from whoever I was around benefitted me greatly as a student though.
I learned quickly, but not only did I retain information, but I applied it to my life as if all the knowledge bestowed upon me was my own. Thus my vice became a positive trait.
My other flaw, having the desire to please others, is one that I’ve conquered, but still dwell over. I use to wory about does he/she not like me, because of A, B, and C? If so, what can I do to fix myself to feel accepted. My apparent need to fit it not only deprived me of being myself, but with combined with my my first flaw it only aided in me becoming more of a “people pleaser”. What’s good about this “flaw” is that I’m conscious of how people view me and others. It helps me to be a kinder person, because I pay attention to others emotions, and at the same time be overly aware of people’s intentions towards me. Having this ability improves my people skills tremendously. Every now and then I’ll go into a phase of identity crisis, but when it comes to being human sometimes you get the good AND the bad.



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