Color explanation; Gold

This week’s color is going to be gold.
I choose gold, because I feel exuberant and reflective of all the great things gonna on in my life.

An update on my senior project;
my first senior meeting HAS to be held before November 2, and I believe that my meeting will be October 23rd. That’s a Tuesday. All I have to do is double check with Mar, and see if that day has a green light, then make sure my student members Ruthie and Anthony are on board. Meanwhile I’ve been working on applying to the MVP program for the U of R, and I’ve made my first draft for my college essay. I’m officially getting my gears turning for college applying, and I believe U of R is gonna be the first application I work on. After; the tours, going to the RAC yesterday, and researching U of R I’m excited. The University of Rochester looks like it will be an amazing school, and I pray to God that I’m accepted. After researching some statistics their average admission scores are very high. My reading SAT scores fall in range, but my writing and math don’t. For now. I’m more than confident my math went up on the recent SAT I just took. Besides SAT though, I think as an “all around student” I’m college ready.
Just hopefully, the admission office can see that.


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