Every Voice Matters

In Extended class were working on fantasies. My fantasy is about a world without sound. The theme of my story is that a world without sound, voice, or expression is meaningless and shouldn’t be lived without it. Also we should appreciate our voices no matter how small or how great they are.

(When we start to write these pieces I’ll keep you updated and may even post a chapter or two from my fantasy.)

The reason I brought my fantasy up is, because I saw something worrisome, in Extended class. I was singing with a female peer of mines, and another girl was singing for the class. Everyone clapped for us, and it was a very good mood of impression and awe. Another one of my peers, a little awestruck, turned and said not particularly to anyone “Man, I wish I could sing like . . .”. It was disheartening  because he said it as if since he can’t sing like Trey songz or Michael Jackson he shouldn’t sing at all. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t quite know what to say.

“We all have beautiful voices”.

Whatever you sing will touch our hearts”.

“Don’t let what other people say discourage you”.

All of these lines sounded cliche, and I know that saying something cliche can do more harm than not saying anything at all. With that said I hope my fantasy touches some of the hearts of my readers in a new and original way. For that person who feels they don’t have a good voice, to that person who feels they’re to shy and have nothing important to say.

Fantasy is an amazing genre, but great stories have a meaning and a purpose to convey to the audience.



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