Being a Kid is my Goal

A while back a friend asked me, “How do you do all that you, and still have time for yourself”? I had to have her define what she meant by “time for yourself”, because I wasn’t for sure. After pondering on her question for a little while I really didn’t know If I do a lot of “me” time stuff. Except watch my favorite TV shows ( the voice, glee, adventure time, etc). So this year I really wanted to make it a goal to just hang out with new friends and chill. Do teenager stuff!
The perfect outlet for that has been Glee club. I don’t know how, but we’ll stay in the big room for over 2 hours practice, and sometimes just sitting around talking and playing games.
This type of “freedom” to have no pressure on me, just filled with a room full peers who want to have fun is amazing. With that said I’m really gonna miss SWW, and even more just being able to be a kid. I’m growing up, I’m moving on, and I’ll always get older, but I’ll never get younger. I gotta make this year a memorable one, and I can’t lie; it’s already been pretty exciting.



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