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The Day Before Break

An update on my senior project;

1. I’ve graded the homework and I must say it was fun editing the papers and providing feedback. Felt like a teacher.

2. At the meeting this Wednesday we start assging the assignments for actual publication for NWW’S December 18th publication.

3. Still in the process of meeting with Mrs. Bond to decide on publication format and what program I want to use.



So Close to Thanksgiving but so Far Away

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and my extended class feast is right at the door. This is suppose to be a week of being thankful, but I’ve been so busy I just have not had the opportunity to sit back and reflect on life! These blog post really are the closest thing I have to unwinding and venting.

I don’t want turkey day to sneak up and gobble on me though. Along with getting all of my work done this week I want to take time to sit back relax and reflect on the blessings God has graced my life with. Hopefully I’ll be able to inspire others and fill them with joy, because if I had a dime for every stressed out person I’ve seen in the past month I’d be to buy two turkeys. Every year I develop some new insight during the holiday, and I feel a deep desire to fire up the souls of others. Let’s see how this week plays out.Image



I have not had time AT ALL this week to blog. The post about MVP I just posted was actually wrote at the beginning of this week, but I just didn’t have the time now to actually post it. I think spending the weekend at u of R campus really pushed me behind schedule wise. But regardless of what made my week a little hectic, I’ve had a lot of “learning moments”. Most of them were personal revelations that I’m choosing not to publish, but I can say that each week I face is like a mini year in itself. I have the normal, the conflict, the rise, the climax, the fall, and the resolution. Then, there’s always that little ironic twist I encounter toward the end of the week. Senior year is really one big book, Luckily I blog so when I get older I can recall all of these events with clarity. What i will say about the struggles I faced this week is that I don’t want to blog about them, because I would be here for hours typing, but for my viewers you can check out my twitter page. This will give you real time feed on what is going on in my life, and a perspective that is more . . . realistic.


My Reaction to MVP

I didn’t know I was a minority. A small percentage to take up the college bound quota. As diverse as U of R is, I realized this fact as I walked around the campus. What made this even more unsettling was the attitudes of the minorities I met. Around the African Americans I followed around I got a feeling of separation from them. Not all, but a select few. I assumed it was simply their own attitudes and not a generalization of the whole minority population. Regardless of this, it’s rare that race ever shapes what I do, what I say, or who I hang with. After sitting in on group conversations though, I felt as though the minorities I met were isolating their self by not being open, by constantly bringing up the “race card”. After having time to think about race in college I came to a couple of conclusions.
1. There will be racial tension wherever I go even if I went to a college dominated by minorities.
2. Everyone will have their own ideas and opioins on race, etc.
3. Regardless of what I see and face I simply have to remain who I am; open and respectful to all cultures and races.

What is Intelligence?

What makes a person intelligent?
Is it the variety of complex problems a person can solve?
Is it the amount of books a person can read in a day?
Is it the innovative inventions one can create?
Or is it something else?
Is intelligence a trait passed down or are we born with it?
Is it a blessing or a curse to be held in.
Can we earn it or develop it?
Or are we simply imitating it?
Is intelligence based on the opinions of others?
If so, what makes others capable of judging others intelligence?
If intelligence is a state of mind, are there different types of intelligent?
What is intelligence?


A Little Homework

Wednesday was the second NWW meeting.

A LOT was covered today.
The new members were introduced and we analyzed the survey data that was collected last Friday. After going through the data we listed what were the most popular topics from the surveys. Then after rationing out topics everyone was given a position. Either writers, photography, investigators, or advice columnist. Then a creative homework assignment was given to the members to complete by next Wednesday. They had to create a short article (250 words minimum) about whatever topic they chose. Ex; topic is election, HW is to create an article about reactions on Obama’s re-election  Or if they were a photographer they had to take 3 pictures of a current topics. Lastly, the advice columnist are having a battle royal to win the 2-3 slots to be an advice columnist. Everyone is really pumped for NWW, and Im a little surprised because some of the members are taking on multiple positions that they are passionate about. It also helps that if your a regular member of NWW you get all of your 75 hours of community service for participating. So for me my next step is to finish the NWW budget, and create a current even piece for the creative assignment.
I cant assign homework that I can’t do myself!



Business Plan for News Without Walls

Business Plan for News Magazine aimed at School Without Walls High School Students & Staff
November 1st, 2012



Michael Frazier, a senior at School Without Walls Commencement Academy will be in charge of creating a school newspaper/magazine. The publication titled News Without Walls will be an informative, entertaining, and educational paper/magazine aimed at high school students, teachers, and staff. “News Without Walls” will have a corresponding website which will cover some of the posts published in “News Without Walls”, hard news, and creative pieces to name a few. News Without Walls being the first news magazine/paper published in a few years at School Without Walls will serve the purpose to “Inform, educate, and unite the students, the classes, and the school”.

Situational Analysis:

News Without Walls is a needed publication to fill the gap that School Without Walls has. A school newspaper will help to inform our students and staff, and bring us together as a community. Especially since there hasn’t been a school news paper in some years.

Target Audience:

There are 364 students at School Without Walls High school: 192 males, and 272 females. There are 40 staff members. The target is mainly the average teenage high school student, ages 14-18. While this is our target group, News Without Walls is expected to attract a great deal of staff members, potentially all staff.

A survey was given to 101 School Without Walls students, 39 males, and 62 females. The most popular topics for males to read from the survey are sports and school news. For females the most popular topics are school news, student of the month, and current events. So with that in mind News Without Walls will primarily target: student information, school news, current events, and sports, first and foremost. Then the other topics will be added as decided.

Our Publication:

News Without Walls will be a monthly, free magazine for high school students and staff. The form of each publication is intended to grow as the year progresses.

News Without Walls has three goals.

  1. To promote literacy
  2. Keep the students of School Without Walls updated on school/local/national/global news.
  3. To appease the teenager needs of pop culture, teen issues, and advice.

News Without Walls’ desire is to promote unity among the School Without Walls’ community.

The main/popular topics to be covered in the paper are:

  • Current events             Photography
  • School news                Advice Columns
  • Opportunities               Comics
  • Sports                          Pop Culture
  • Student of the Month   Editorial Opinion Column

The topics above are a few of the many topics to be covered in News Without Walls as it progresses this year. These topics WILL be covered in every issue, though by popular demand. Some smaller beat pieces that could be included are poems, staff interviews, surveys, poll, etc.

Multimedia Plan:

The publications of News Without Walls will have a corresponding PDF file to be emailed and distributed to the consumers. Also through Tymoni Lashay’s senior project school website, some of the pieces published in News Without Walls will be featured on the website.

Alongside the website, Michael Frazier will be the blogger for “News Without Walls: Behind the Scenes”, which will give an insight to the senior project process.

Production Plan:

The news magazine News Without Walls will have five publications that will grow more complex as each issue is published. The format for the first issue will be decided after consulting Jane Sutter and Elisa Bond. Then once decided what format the publication will have, a financial plan will be created to determine the cost to publish and print the issues. Based on financial assistance and options available, the process for providing financial support for News Without Walls will be TBA. As a safety measure a “Request for Funding Proposal” will be filled out and turned in to the SWW Community Board to request financial assistance.

Circulation Plan:

A week before each publication a questionnaire will go around determining who would like a copy of the news magazine News Without Wall. This will ensure that there are no wasted copies. Then, a PDF copy will still be available for students so that they would be able to print out a copy of News Without Walls for themselves. This is to ensure maximum product efficiency.

Marketing Plan:

Flyers, announcements, surveys and word of mouth will be used to advertise News Without Walls.

Launch Date: First issue will launch Tuesday, December 18th.

Red, White, & Blue

This week the color for my blog is red. I chose red obviously for election week, but also this will be the second week of NWW. I sent out a survey to get feedback on what students want for the school news paper. I love America’s democratic thinking, of letting our voices be heard, and I really wanted NWW to be open to student and teacher opinions.

“Run by the students for the students”.

America is the land of freedom, and this week more than any other we can see the foundation that our forefathers set for us strive.

The Fruits of my Labor SPU#2

I haven’t been able to blog AT ALL this week. Its been “one of those” week. Seriously every single free block I have has been occupied with something. From helping Debb, by teaching Prezi to her math class, to resume workshops it’s been hectic. Out of the chaos though I started progressing my senior project.

  1. Started to read the Budget Jane gave me and started to create my own.
  2. Created a survey and passed out 140 to the school population about NWW*
  3. Held the first NWW meeting Wednesday, and even without a majority of the people who signed up we had an amazing turnout.
  4. I gave all of the newly aquired staff of NWW a brainstorming assignment.

What I plan on doing next week;

  1. Analyzing all of the survey information.
  2. Holding the second NWW meeting.
  3. Finishing my budget and going to see Jane this Friday.
  4. Contacting photographers and talking to Mrs. Bond about Web designing.

*News Without Walls