The Fruits of my Labor SPU#2

I haven’t been able to blog AT ALL this week. Its been “one of those” week. Seriously every single free block I have has been occupied with something. From helping Debb, by teaching Prezi to her math class, to resume workshops it’s been hectic. Out of the chaos though I started progressing my senior project.

  1. Started to read the Budget Jane gave me and started to create my own.
  2. Created a survey and passed out 140 to the school population about NWW*
  3. Held the first NWW meeting Wednesday, and even without a majority of the people who signed up we had an amazing turnout.
  4. I gave all of the newly aquired staff of NWW a brainstorming assignment.

What I plan on doing next week;

  1. Analyzing all of the survey information.
  2. Holding the second NWW meeting.
  3. Finishing my budget and going to see Jane this Friday.
  4. Contacting photographers and talking to Mrs. Bond about Web designing.

*News Without Walls



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