A Little Homework

Wednesday was the second NWW meeting.

A LOT was covered today.
The new members were introduced and we analyzed the survey data that was collected last Friday. After going through the data we listed what were the most popular topics from the surveys. Then after rationing out topics everyone was given a position. Either writers, photography, investigators, or advice columnist. Then a creative homework assignment was given to the members to complete by next Wednesday. They had to create a short article (250 words minimum) about whatever topic they chose. Ex; topic is election, HW is to create an article about reactions on Obama’s re-election  Or if they were a photographer they had to take 3 pictures of a current topics. Lastly, the advice columnist are having a battle royal to win the 2-3 slots to be an advice columnist. Everyone is really pumped for NWW, and Im a little surprised because some of the members are taking on multiple positions that they are passionate about. It also helps that if your a regular member of NWW you get all of your 75 hours of community service for participating. So for me my next step is to finish the NWW budget, and create a current even piece for the creative assignment.
I cant assign homework that I can’t do myself!




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