Business Plan for News Without Walls

Business Plan for News Magazine aimed at School Without Walls High School Students & Staff
November 1st, 2012



Michael Frazier, a senior at School Without Walls Commencement Academy will be in charge of creating a school newspaper/magazine. The publication titled News Without Walls will be an informative, entertaining, and educational paper/magazine aimed at high school students, teachers, and staff. “News Without Walls” will have a corresponding website which will cover some of the posts published in “News Without Walls”, hard news, and creative pieces to name a few. News Without Walls being the first news magazine/paper published in a few years at School Without Walls will serve the purpose to “Inform, educate, and unite the students, the classes, and the school”.

Situational Analysis:

News Without Walls is a needed publication to fill the gap that School Without Walls has. A school newspaper will help to inform our students and staff, and bring us together as a community. Especially since there hasn’t been a school news paper in some years.

Target Audience:

There are 364 students at School Without Walls High school: 192 males, and 272 females. There are 40 staff members. The target is mainly the average teenage high school student, ages 14-18. While this is our target group, News Without Walls is expected to attract a great deal of staff members, potentially all staff.

A survey was given to 101 School Without Walls students, 39 males, and 62 females. The most popular topics for males to read from the survey are sports and school news. For females the most popular topics are school news, student of the month, and current events. So with that in mind News Without Walls will primarily target: student information, school news, current events, and sports, first and foremost. Then the other topics will be added as decided.

Our Publication:

News Without Walls will be a monthly, free magazine for high school students and staff. The form of each publication is intended to grow as the year progresses.

News Without Walls has three goals.

  1. To promote literacy
  2. Keep the students of School Without Walls updated on school/local/national/global news.
  3. To appease the teenager needs of pop culture, teen issues, and advice.

News Without Walls’ desire is to promote unity among the School Without Walls’ community.

The main/popular topics to be covered in the paper are:

  • Current events             Photography
  • School news                Advice Columns
  • Opportunities               Comics
  • Sports                          Pop Culture
  • Student of the Month   Editorial Opinion Column

The topics above are a few of the many topics to be covered in News Without Walls as it progresses this year. These topics WILL be covered in every issue, though by popular demand. Some smaller beat pieces that could be included are poems, staff interviews, surveys, poll, etc.

Multimedia Plan:

The publications of News Without Walls will have a corresponding PDF file to be emailed and distributed to the consumers. Also through Tymoni Lashay’s senior project school website, some of the pieces published in News Without Walls will be featured on the website.

Alongside the website, Michael Frazier will be the blogger for “News Without Walls: Behind the Scenes”, which will give an insight to the senior project process.

Production Plan:

The news magazine News Without Walls will have five publications that will grow more complex as each issue is published. The format for the first issue will be decided after consulting Jane Sutter and Elisa Bond. Then once decided what format the publication will have, a financial plan will be created to determine the cost to publish and print the issues. Based on financial assistance and options available, the process for providing financial support for News Without Walls will be TBA. As a safety measure a “Request for Funding Proposal” will be filled out and turned in to the SWW Community Board to request financial assistance.

Circulation Plan:

A week before each publication a questionnaire will go around determining who would like a copy of the news magazine News Without Wall. This will ensure that there are no wasted copies. Then, a PDF copy will still be available for students so that they would be able to print out a copy of News Without Walls for themselves. This is to ensure maximum product efficiency.

Marketing Plan:

Flyers, announcements, surveys and word of mouth will be used to advertise News Without Walls.

Launch Date: First issue will launch Tuesday, December 18th.


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