I have not had time AT ALL this week to blog. The post about MVP I just posted was actually wrote at the beginning of this week, but I just didn’t have the time now to actually post it. I think spending the weekend at u of R campus really pushed me behind schedule wise. But regardless of what made my week a little hectic, I’ve had a lot of “learning moments”. Most of them were personal revelations that I’m choosing not to publish, but I can say that each week I face is like a mini year in itself. I have the normal, the conflict, the rise, the climax, the fall, and the resolution. Then, there’s always that little ironic twist I encounter toward the end of the week. Senior year is really one big book, Luckily I blog so when I get older I can recall all of these events with clarity. What i will say about the struggles I faced this week is that I don’t want to blog about them, because I would be here for hours typing, but for my viewers you can check out my twitter page. This will give you real time feed on what is going on in my life, and a perspective that is more . . . realistic.



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