My Reaction to MVP

I didn’t know I was a minority. A small percentage to take up the college bound quota. As diverse as U of R is, I realized this fact as I walked around the campus. What made this even more unsettling was the attitudes of the minorities I met. Around the African Americans I followed around I got a feeling of separation from them. Not all, but a select few. I assumed it was simply their own attitudes and not a generalization of the whole minority population. Regardless of this, it’s rare that race ever shapes what I do, what I say, or who I hang with. After sitting in on group conversations though, I felt as though the minorities I met were isolating their self by not being open, by constantly bringing up the “race card”. After having time to think about race in college I came to a couple of conclusions.
1. There will be racial tension wherever I go even if I went to a college dominated by minorities.
2. Everyone will have their own ideas and opioins on race, etc.
3. Regardless of what I see and face I simply have to remain who I am; open and respectful to all cultures and races.

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