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It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. The holiday season has brought everything but time into my schedule. I’m trying not to make a habit of “long breaks” in my blog posts but it’s difficult.

With that said school ended on a high note. The Glee Winter Showcase was phenomenal and really has put the glee club on the map.

I will create a NWW feedback survey to pass out next week so I can get feed back on the first publication of NWW.

The second publication is going to be slightly more difficult. I have a shorter amount of time to get everything done. I’m not for sure what I’m doing about printing because the D&C was gracious enough to offer full color printing for the first publication, but I don’t know about the second. Also, this time it’s going to be six pages instead of four.

Fortunately I will have much more time on my schedule. I only work 4 days in January, I dot start my MCC math class again till the 22nd, and all of my college stuff is done!

By the way I finished my 104 MCC math class with a 96%, my teacher told me I had the highest average in the class! I was surprised because there were adults in the class and everything.

I’m sending an email out to Jane and Erica in the next couple of days to update them, because I’ve kinda dropped everything this winter break, hahah.



The First Big Day Has Arrivied

Today Jane Sutter, my amazing community expert brought by 180 copies of News Without Walls for SWW. I met my first major deadline!
I’m grateful and appreciate D&C’s generous support!
Thanks Democrat.
Just from the few people who’ve seen the news paper I have gotten a lot of good feed back. Currently the news paper are resting in the staff mail boxes waiting to be read by the hungry eyes of SWW students.
Not only did I get a lot of good feedback, but I also found out things I need to improve on for the next issue (which will be 6 pages).
My next order of business is figuring out the print method for the January 29th article and getting together article and page ideas.
This is VERY exciting, getting to see the final product held in the hands of my excited peers reminds me why I like to write, create, and share with the world.


The Week Before the Big Day

I’m in over-drive hustle mode for this week.
I’m trying my best to get the articles from everyone, and keep everybody in order.
I’ve been using In design to format the news paper and have been staying with before and after school to do so.
I plan on sending everything to Jane to be printed either Friday or Monday.

I’m starting to feel a little better about my life, as this week progresses, but honestly I’m tired of the news paper already! I do know this though; after I make it pass this first hurdle, getting the other four publications out will grow easier.

Last day of MCC math class this week, and finals are next week.

Every senior has their stormy moments, and I already knew mine was going to be the first half of the school year. Hahah.
But this will get easier with time.


God can use anything and anyone to speak.

I had a very interesting time at my friends house Friday. My friend’s mom took my hand and began to “read” my palm. I’m a Christian and normally I don’t do fortune telling or any other magical stuff like that, but I was the guest in their home and it seemed innocence to me. After some “mms” and some “ahs” my friends mom turned to me and said you have a streak of shallowness. I was intrigued, and pressed her for a further explanation.
She told me I care more about what people think of me than the actual experience itself. I wasn’t insulted, hurt, or offended. It was true. I took a seat next to her, and I began asking her what I could do about it.
“Being aware of it helps,” she told me.
I nodded studiously taking in every word she said like a young disciple. She then began to bring it home for me.
She said, many Christian fall into the mindset that the only way to show their salvation is through showing how prosperous they are and that if I wanted I break out of this “shallowness” I just have to be aware. Jesus wasn’t wealthy he was poor and hung around the poor.
I swallowed all she told me with surprise. Here I was getting spiritual advice from someone who wasn’t a Christian at all.
Now I don’t know if she was joking with my fortune, pulling my leg, or really had some methodological way of fortune telling but I do know this. God can use anyone to speak to us. From a ronowned pastor preaching, to your average person simply telling the truth. We just have to be open enough to hear what God is trying to tell us.

Build Up

A stressful buildup.

Accumulated, thinking, pondering contemplating
Expanding, collapsing.
Repairing, collapsing.
Struggling not to explode.
So it implodes.

A stressful build up.

Leaking from its rage made pores.
Slowly dripping
Slowly burning
Causing wave after wave of nausea
Cascading steaming walls of emotions.
Condensing at the fall.

A stressful build up.

Slashing away at fertile ground.
Devastating the vast landscape.
Tormenting the innocent life.

A stressful build up.

Laying its burden down,
to seep and contaminate the surrounding grounds.

A stressful build up.

Abrupt Change in Mood

So as you can tell I changed the colors of my blog from hot red, to green and pink. After a great night of rest and thinking I realized everything I thought was REALLY important is really trivial. So I’m trying to wheel in the CHRISTmas spirit and although I’d rather have red on my blog I had to go with pink cause red mad everything hard to read. 


Have a great week my readers!


Rising Action

So this weeks color is a bright orange-red. Why? Because the tension set in motion last week is slowly begin to boil and grow hotter and hotter. Tension is building as this weeks begins to start.
I have some glee members walking around with stank attitudes toward me, I have some of my fellow senior giving me stank attitudes, and I have people I don’t even know acting stank towards me. I had to force myself to smile today, because I believe that’s the best thing to do. Smile in the face of adversity.
As much as I wanted to act stank back, I’m trying my hardest to keep a Christ-like mindset and keep my eyes on the prize.
My mon told me something really vital today;
“Ignore all of the petit behavior going on around you. We have a mission this year and we are not going to get caught up in any drama.”
That’s exactly what I plan to do. Do me, stay out of drama, and exceed.
It’s amazing how the smallest reminders can transform your whole mindset of things.


The Pressure

To update my senior project;
1.) The meetings have been well.
2.) Everyone has been assigned a piece to work on, and it’s due Monday.
3.) Some articles are due Wednesday.
4.) I talked to my art teacher about formatting and I’ve been assigned things to do involving the magazine lay out.
5.) I got a list of people who want a hard copy of a news paper.
6.) An advice column box is going out Monday for people with concerns and questions.
7.) I haven’t talked to Jane and Erica in quite some time and I’m gonna email them tomorrow to give them an update.
6.) I’m starting to feel the pressure that a newspaper can bring.


The Struggles of Running a Club

This week has felt incredibly long, the ups and down I experience every week makes each week I feel like its own little book.
Lucky each Friday I have something to look forward too after school. Glee Club. Yes, the magical time after school I relish when everyone leaves the school except for the joyous members that make up the club.
“Extreme Booty Camp Week 4” started today and well, I was far from celebratory. The slacking, shady, slouchy glee members made trying to dance to the song “Don’t Stop Believing” impossible. We’ve been working on two songs for 4 months and we’ve haven’t gotten that far. Our performance is in two weeks and I don’t know how we’re going to pull this together. And I can’t even blame the members anymore, as the leader I need to take charge and make some tough calls. I can’t have any and everybody chilling in the big room while we rehearse. I have to be strict about attendance, and I have to do something I’d never though I’d do: get rid of glee members. It has to be done for the greater good, and as next week rises up I’m apprehensive to see how everyone is going to react.
I already feel like some people don’t like me for the ideas I briefly told them, some may even hate me. But I guess that’s the cost of leadership.