Rising Action

So this weeks color is a bright orange-red. Why? Because the tension set in motion last week is slowly begin to boil and grow hotter and hotter. Tension is building as this weeks begins to start.
I have some glee members walking around with stank attitudes toward me, I have some of my fellow senior giving me stank attitudes, and I have people I don’t even know acting stank towards me. I had to force myself to smile today, because I believe that’s the best thing to do. Smile in the face of adversity.
As much as I wanted to act stank back, I’m trying my hardest to keep a Christ-like mindset and keep my eyes on the prize.
My mon told me something really vital today;
“Ignore all of the petit behavior going on around you. We have a mission this year and we are not going to get caught up in any drama.”
That’s exactly what I plan to do. Do me, stay out of drama, and exceed.
It’s amazing how the smallest reminders can transform your whole mindset of things.



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