God can use anything and anyone to speak.

I had a very interesting time at my friends house Friday. My friend’s mom took my hand and began to “read” my palm. I’m a Christian and normally I don’t do fortune telling or any other magical stuff like that, but I was the guest in their home and it seemed innocence to me. After some “mms” and some “ahs” my friends mom turned to me and said you have a streak of shallowness. I was intrigued, and pressed her for a further explanation.
She told me I care more about what people think of me than the actual experience itself. I wasn’t insulted, hurt, or offended. It was true. I took a seat next to her, and I began asking her what I could do about it.
“Being aware of it helps,” she told me.
I nodded studiously taking in every word she said like a young disciple. She then began to bring it home for me.
She said, many Christian fall into the mindset that the only way to show their salvation is through showing how prosperous they are and that if I wanted I break out of this “shallowness” I just have to be aware. Jesus wasn’t wealthy he was poor and hung around the poor.
I swallowed all she told me with surprise. Here I was getting spiritual advice from someone who wasn’t a Christian at all.
Now I don’t know if she was joking with my fortune, pulling my leg, or really had some methodological way of fortune telling but I do know this. God can use anyone to speak to us. From a ronowned pastor preaching, to your average person simply telling the truth. We just have to be open enough to hear what God is trying to tell us.


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