New Years Eve

I have a lot of goals and desires for the new year. I’m not super excited or anything because I live everyday like a new year. Making goals, starting new, etc. I created a goal list for the 2012-2013 school year in August and so far I’ve accomplished half of one goal out of 9. I will know if I met most/all of my goals by the end of the year (June time).
I just created a goal list for the new year and for what I want to accomplish out of my fast. My church does an annual 21 day fast in January every year. Although you can fast whenever and however many times you want we do it as a church in the beginning of the year as a new start in our walks with Christ.
A traditional fast is one where you go periods of time without food. A Daniel fast is when you only eat fruits and vegetables. I’m doing a “teenager” fast (the name was created by me hahah). But I’m fasting social media, junk food (such as sweets, candy, and soda) and TV for 21 days. And on the last day of my fast I’m going completely without food. I’m doing other things that have taken high importance in my life to disconnect from earthly things and grow closer to God. There’s a goal list for my fast as well.
As I grow older I hope to strive for a strictly no food fast, but I’m slowly building my way up to that cause I’m still young and without nourishment I don’t feel good. Which in other circumstance it would be deal able, but with High school and working and all of my other aspects of life it’s not ideal.

So with that said lets have a great New Year world, one full of enlightenment, change, growth, and insight!



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