First Day of School in 2013

First day back to school and it was blah and good.
I took the early bus to school and every thing, but I was still late. What made it even worse was the fact that I tried to be on time but I was late and had to stand in the cold for 20 minutes!
Then the part time Indian essay really got on my nerves. I couldn’t work on it over break, because the file was deleted/corrupted so I had to finish it today. I really want to he done with this Thesis.
I did college stuff, had to check on my colleges and make sure all my application stuff was good. I was worried about some of my colleges not having all of my material over break, but I left it in God’s hand by praying and refusing to let myself get worked up about it. Now it’s all fixed (I called the admission officers). One tip I have for my underclass men friends: “College stuff is not over just because you mailed everything out.” Check, double check, and check again!
My classes were easy today, drawing and cutting on things in my global issues and biotech class.
Lastly I stayed after in Mariana’s (my home room teacher) super fun study hall and caught up on my Part Time essay. I still didn’t finish so now I have to do that for homework.
All in all, a good day, saw a lot of refreshing faces and I got to go home before dark (the 1st time in a while).



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