Lost in Thoughts

I get lost in thoughts often. Lost in thoughts, day dreams, questions, concerns, dreams, aspirations hope, and issues. All of these ideas I find myself hopelessly immersed in.
I think it’s a good thing to be a thoughtful person, but at times it can be a burden as well. Always wondering why this happened, what does this person think, who, how, when? It becomes overwhelming. On the other side though it helps to be able to sit back and think about the situation, person, or idea that crosses our road in life. Analyzing helps to stay a couple of feet ahead of the game. I suppose the balance comes when you realize what is important and what is not.
Today was a “thoughtful” day for me. I’ve had more time on my hands with being out of my MCC classes for the next couple of week and having a lighter work schedule allows me to take things slow. For example, today I stayed after school and just caught up on work. Didn’t have to worry about where I had to go or what I needed to do outside of my education. It felt nice, actually it feels great! This change in pace is something that I adore and with my “fast” starting the more quiet and “me” time I can have, the better.

I just got done playing the piano about a hour ago. I haven’t played a full song for months, that’s how you know it’s been hectic. I started to forget how much I love playing instruments, but I also realized how rusty I’ve become. Time for more practice!



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