Lack of Motivation

I’ve been disappointed lately.
With my new acquired free time my head isn’t stuck in my work and academic material. I’ve had time to sit back, walk around the halls, and just look at the people and things of SWW.
The first half of the year I was high in the clouds trying to get my college stuff done and get my senior project started. Now that I’m floating down from that high I look around me and they’re people who are just so unmotivated and lazy. Some of my peers haven’t even started college stuff and are struggling with the easiest of things. Two handful of my friends have missed the deadline for the colleges they want to go next year and for some that was their dream school. I’m all for lending a helping hands, but I feel, after 13 years of school, class of 2013 should know how to help themselves and not give in to slothful ways.
I see why Neguisse brought up “lack of motivation” in the town hall meeting. I laughed at that idea thinking it wasn’t an big issue, but I’ve tasted and seen the true laziness that plagues not only SWW, but teens in general. I thought that my peers would of been encouraged and motivated to get there stuff done by seeing me always working, but it’s had an opposite affect. My peers hold me in reverence like I’m some amazing genius. Which is crazy, I’m only do what I’m supposed to be doing which confuses the mess out of me. And if I’m not being praises for doing what “I’m supposed to do” then I’m being isolated from the majority of my peers. I’ve lost friends this year because I’m “too good to hang out with them” words of my friends. That’s the mentality of my peers and it’s discouraging.
How do you address lack of motivation? How do you inspire and motivate your friends, without them assuming your looking down on them. I’ve tried assuring my close friends (mostly extended class peers) and giving them just some encouraging words and guidance, but there’s only so much I can do. As this week comes to an end that’s what I’m focusing on; how to motivate and inspire my peers. I take this seriously, because if the people who “got it” never assist those who aren’t there yet, the community can’t grow.



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