Keeping My Room Clean

Friday night I went to church and as I was sitting in the pews I began to reflect on my life. The pastor compared our lives to our room. When it’s clutter free, we just feel happy and want to reside in it. When it’s dirty we really don’t want to do anything but sleep in it. Thinking about my own room; it’s always dirty. I’ll clean my room and no matter how long or hard I clean it, it gets back dirty in little to no time. I figure it’s because I share a room. My brother’s side of the room is always a mess; it’s junky, cluttered, and he’s sloppy. Even when I clean my side up nice the room never has that “clean” appearance, because a large portion of the room is always a mess.
After thinking about this I realized my room is like my own spiritual life. I can try as hard as I want to keep myself pure and clean in the inside, but if I’m sharing my heart with someone/something else (such as social media, desires, technology, or if I harbor impurities) ill never truly be clean.
15 days into the new year and 8 days into my fast and I’m striving for a de-cluttering in my life. The first step is recognition of anything in my life that may get more attention than God, then I need to remove it completely. January goals.



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