Lowest Point

Today I almost let myself sink into the overwhelming emotion of giving up.
A friend once told me that every student at one point must ‘fail’ in their life. That they must reach a low point in their career, but it is a necessary point because after that failing moment you will rise higher than before. A lot of students experience this moment in college, because they are so use to excelling in High school but in college they begin to fail. It’s best to experience your low moment earlier on so that you have all the time to pick yourself up from that moment and grow.
I’ve had my low moment. Particularly in English. I’m not use to not doing well on so many consecutive assignments and honestly it’s disheartening. I’m use to doing good. That’s it, real simple. Check plus, A plus, star, happy face, whatever you want to call it. Now I’m getting marks that are making me question my comprehension in the subject. After getting home from school today I felt in a slump until I started to occupy myself. While working on other things I began to think about my current state, and told myself not to beat myself up so much. Easier said than done. But I realized its not the end of the world if I’m not passing exceedingly. That’s something I’m afraid to say aloud. It’s okay if I’m not receiving stellar marks? My years at SWW though has taught me this. To learn from your mistakes and not focus on getting the high mark, but understanding what I’m doing and growing from it. I think this is one of the greatest things I can take to college with me. Recognition and self improvement. I was a step from falling in the abyss of insecurity, but after some self-encouragement I feel, well, encouraged!



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