College Update – January

So my college applications have been complete since the end of November, I applied to 8 colleges.

New York University

University of Rochester

St john fisher

Hofstra University

Nazareth College

Wagner College

Buffalo State College


They’re in order of 1st choice(s) to last choice. My top choice is either NYU or U of R. What will be the deciding factor in where I go is finances so I’ve been applying to scholarships like crazy lately. I’m praying I’ll be apply to afford wherever I chose to go. So far though I’ve been accepted to Buffalo state, St John Fisher and MCC. Next moth is going to be the “boom boom” month for college acceptance letters. I’ll hear back from Hofstra the 1st week of February, I hear back from the U of R around the 15th, I hear back from Wagner at the end of February, and I hear back from Nazareth around March 1st. So I really pumped to start hearing from those places soon. Also I start to get financial aid letters next month which is what’s going to be the real chestnut cracker in my college process. Lastly I hear from NYU April 1st, the day before my 18th birthday (what a birthday gift, hahaha).

Oh, and Mar- I should find out if I’m a finalist for the Gates scholarship in March. Hopefully all of your recommendations and nominations forms wont go to waste, hahaha.



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