Faced With Choices

So today was day two of working on NWW. I defenititly got more done today, so that’s exciting. My biggest problem is not having enough room for all the things I want inside of NWW! Only 6 pages in the paper, and everything has to be tightly packed, but neat. I’m stoked for the 12 page issue to come out in April. That’s going to be heaven to have so much space to work with. For now though, the struggle is real. I feel bad, because I wasn’t able to include a lot of articles in January’s issues, but then again I dot feel bad, because the articles I didn’t include we’re lacking in content and irrelevant to this issue. So eh, what can I do about it?
I just wrote an article about the inauguration trip and I feel like a real journalist! Erica gave me the idea to write it today, but since it was so short notice I didn’t think I’d be able to do it by tomorrow. After calling students up and interviewing them over the phone, and piecing together the trip without actually being there, I had the whole thing done in an hour! I just need a quote from Wasa. I felt pressed for time and loved the rush of piecing together information to form a coherent and well-together story.
This will defenititly be one of my memorable moments in my senior projet process.
I was at school till 5 today, and with not having classes this week only focusing on my senior project an college stuff, I feel like a real journalist working for the News Without Walls company. It’s pretty exciting. Tomorrow I finish up the Janurary issue and will have it edited by Shakeriah (our new editor) if I have time I’ll have another editor look at the paper.
I’m so glad I chose this project, at times I really want to push all the paper, software, and mess out the window, but it’s making me grow so much and I’m starting to see the range of things I can actually accomplish when I put my mind to it.
Honestly I wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of EVERYONE at SWW, they really are the ones who make NWW possible; I’m just the vessel used to create it.



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