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Never Quite as Planned

So I got done at the D&C at around 8 o’clock. Surprisingly I didn’t have a headache, I wasn’t hungry, and I was actually feeling pretty good about what I accomplished. So I prepared to leave and catch my bus when I realized there were only a few journalist left. It was pretty abandoned in the D&C but even in the abandoned building I felt accomplished. Pride beaming from my pores. I Cleaned up my desk area, collected my materials, and headed out like I’ve been at the D&C for years. On my way out I noticed that it was raining, soft soothing rain glittered the ground. It was like the peacefully ending to a nice movie; a late midnight rain washing off the worries of a rugged cool protagonists after a long day of “work”. After striding in the rain like it wasn’t affecting me, I began to notice the rain grow heavier and heavier.
Hail was beating my head. The swagger in my step was soon replaced with aggatated speed walking and stumbling as the hail fell harder.

Being in the comfort of my house now, I can look back and laugh. Whenever I try to act cool or pose I’m always humbled. Always.
I suppose it’s a good thing. I’d rather have hail beat my head then have evenly a slightly proud spirit.



That Time of the Month.

It’s officially “that time of the month” and it hit me very hard today. By “time of the month”, I mean the time of the month where my NWW deadline is looming over my head of course. I tried my hardest to prep, but I still ended up working at the D&C till 7. The struggle was real, and my head was pounding. Still not even done with the paper yet but I have a majority of it done.
Being so busy today, I felt like I floated through all my classes, I was there, but I wasn’t there fully if you know what I mean. It was a very surreal day for me. Luckily I got home, got a whole bunch of food and nutritional items like veggies, naked juice, and choclate chip cookies and I was back to 100%.
Enough of my complaint though, I’m going to say one of my fears:

“I’m getting into all of these great colleges, but what if I can’t afford them. I refuse to go into debt and loans are not an option. I couldn’t put that amount of stress on my mom / my future. So my prayer is that, I’ll be able to afford wherever I go.”

March is the green month. Not only because it starts the spring, but that’s when I start to get financial aid packages. I’ll keep y’all updated on how that goes.


Hot, Hot, Hot!

The color updates have become very infrequent. So now I’m just going to change them to the color of whatever the current NWW colors are. The February Issue is going to be orange, light red, yellow, and white. All very warm and inviting colors.

The love holiday just passed.

March should bring more warmth to Rochester.

I’m working out to get my summer body together (bigger pectoral muscles!).

Were at the climax of the year, (only 3 months of school left).

Hot Hot Hot!

I’m ready to bring this heat and energy to the last week of February, because the Lord knows I need it.

(Tomorrow is “my time of the month” [refer to my other blog post back in January] so I’m going to need all the energy I can get. hahaha.)


GLEE by Tymoni Correa-Buntley

This was an article Tymoni wrote about the Glee Club that I really enjoyed!


Written by Tymoni Correa-Buntley

 The recent cut of art programs throughout schools nationwide have left students of all ages without an opportunity to express themselves creatively. In attempts of bringing arts back into School Without Walls, two University of Rochester students formed a musical group by the name of SmARTS in 2010. Now in its third year, SmARTS has gained a new name and popularity throughout School Without Walls.

The club, now ran by senior Michael Frazier has received many changes since the club began. Every Friday after school Glee meets in the “Big Room” starting with CPR, circle of power and respect. CPR is a School Without Walls tradition which includes a greeting, reading, sharing and activity. It offers students the opportunity to build new relationships with people in a creative way.

Michael Frazier says, “We do a version of musical CPR; instead of just greeting someone they’ll sing it. I do announcements then we have vocal warmups,” Frazier continued, “Soon we’ll be beginning our own version of The Voice to work on team building, which is exciting because they’re all aspiring artists.”

Michael says much of what occurs on the hit show “Glee” has influenced the way he runs the club. Members now participate in “booty camp”, a phrase that began on “Glee” which includes intense dancing.

“Glee means a lot to me because it gives me a chance to speak my mind through music and dance. I love to dance and so when Michael appointed me as Glee’s new choreographer I was so excited,” said LaKeya Quinn, freshman.

Recently, Glee held their first performance of the year. The performance which filled the schools “big room” was a success. At the end of the school year I will be passing the torch to the member who exemplifies the most dedication and passion. While Glee will soon begin planning for the end of the year performance, they are always looking for more members. If you have a passion for music or dance, be sure to talk to Michael Frazier about joining.

ImageMaddy and I singing a White Christmas remix.

ImageAll of the Glee members singing Jingle Bell Rock at the Winter Showcase.

Not Just Work

Besides all of the work, I’ve been doing things for fun as well. I had a library date with Lizzie Tuesday. We practiced our shakespearean monologues. Ours was Macbeth. Thursday I had a gym date with Krystal; we worked out at the Y for almost 2 hours then went to a kickboxing class. I was pooped after that class, I couldn’t keep up hahah. Today I trued to plan a date for all of the AP kids to go see a movie tomorrow, but it didn’t work out. lol
All work and no play, makes everyone cranky! That’s the truth.
By the way, I asked Teresa to the prom on Valentines day and she said Yes!


What break?

How was my break?
What break? Hahahah.
This break has been long time-wise, but it has been full of so much. Working on term papers, doing financial aid, college stuff, homework, and working on the 3rd issue of NWW.
I officially consider myself an intern at the Democrat and Chronicles. I have my own desk area to do my work, and it feels a lot at home. Tuesday and today I worked with Sarah Crupi. She is the creative manager and she’s been giving me useful hints and tips about Indesign. I’ve gotten 2& 1/2 out of 8 pages done on NWW and seriously this issue is such an improvement from the last issue. I can’t wait for everybody to see it!
Sarah has been very kind to me; taking me to lunch, and answering any questions I have. She’s shown what it’s like to work at the D&C.

I just learned something.

News paper come out EVERYDAY.

I get stressed simply doing one paper a month! I couldn’t manage doing a paper everyday. Then again it wouldn’t just be one person doing the paper so I guess it would be easier, but still…

This week has showed me the fun side of working on the paper, and hopefully I can take all that I learned at the D&C this week and keep on applying it to NWW.


News Without Walls has an email for people to send pictures and art.

We also have a twitter account for news, updates, social, etc.


Sarah gave some multimedia ideas, and I really think they’re going to take NWW to a whole new level.

Question: Blog viewers, what do you think would be a good logo for NWW? I have a few ideas, but I want your guys opinion.



Sarah and I.

Simple Things

It’s the simple things.
The simple things that make me happy.
The love in the air.
Crushes revealed, desires pursued.
Bonding and growing.
Dressing up and eating well.
Laughing at everything.

Today was a very busy day.
Senior exit interviews, had a exam at MCC, then had to go to an award ceremony at the Board of Education. Kendra and I were recognized as 2 of the top black scholars in the RCSD. There were 8 other students who were recognized.

Today was hectic but fun and as I write my blog post I have those little happy butterflies flying around in my chest. I usually get them after really fulfilling days. Like after my extended class thanksgiving feast, or after a large school function.

The simple things.
Basking in my own slice of happiness.
It’s not perfect, but it feels like it.




February Update

So here goes my senior year updates.

Senior project

I finished the last issue two weeks ago and it was received well by the school. We had a lot of feedback asking for clear photos, new photos, and sports.
So I’m keeping that in mind as I move on to the February Issue.
I met with Sarah Crupi who works for the D&C. She is the creative manger.
I’m met with her Monday evening to talk about how NWW could be more creative, and having a nice consistent design. I plan on meeting with her over February recess and she is coming to the school the Monday after break. We’re using the program indesign (which is a very complicated program) so I’m glad to have the help. Also they have a spot set up for me to do work. I’m like an intern! Now I don’t have to stay to school till 6 o’clock anymore (thank God) hahah.

College stuff

I got into Hofstra Friday. I checked my online portal. Now I’m just waiting for them to send me the enrolling freshman stuff which should be in the mail any day now.
Wagner college said it has started to send out acceptance letters, so I should hear something in February and U of R sends out the letters this Friday, so I’ll get it at latest, next Tuesday! Yay!


I’m improving in AP lit and it feels great to be doing well again. I gotta stick to studying like gardening a plant. If I miss a day of watering I get dry and crusty. All of my other classes are well at SWW. My most busy week of February and all of my teachers want to assign HW. #TheStruggle. I’m dealing with senioritis at home. I’ll get home around evening time (it’s always evening time haha) and I’ll eat and blah, by the time its HW time I’m sleepy. Plus Senioritis makes me not want to do anything I have to force myself to do anything that isn’t English related.
With that said I have a math test at MCC Thursday, and boy I’m glad we had a review yesterday. I’ve noticed I’ll zone out on her and simply write whatever she puts on the board. By doing that though, I’m not comprehending, I’m just recording. So now I’m alert and ask a ton of questions. Which I hope doesn’t bother the other students, but if it does; all well. All of these college kids are extremely quiet. The class, as of right now I have a A+ (yay) but truthfully, I want it to be over. Math is Fun but only when I can do it in my own time, and I can’t stand waking up 6 in the morning when I could sleep in till 8:30.
“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

For now that is all, I want to talk about the Glee Club, but I’ll save that for another blogpost.


The Three Weeks of Silence.

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, yes I know. Every time I’d get an idea to blog, the spark or magic I’d usually get when I write would burn out. I could of forced out some words, but I’d rather write nothing then just blah a blog post. Also it’s a drag when your busy and have to write about things you have done. But now I’m back!

Updates on my college stuff, senior project, and other stuff will be coming in my next blog post.