February Update

So here goes my senior year updates.

Senior project

I finished the last issue two weeks ago and it was received well by the school. We had a lot of feedback asking for clear photos, new photos, and sports.
So I’m keeping that in mind as I move on to the February Issue.
I met with Sarah Crupi who works for the D&C. She is the creative manger.
I’m met with her Monday evening to talk about how NWW could be more creative, and having a nice consistent design. I plan on meeting with her over February recess and she is coming to the school the Monday after break. We’re using the program indesign (which is a very complicated program) so I’m glad to have the help. Also they have a spot set up for me to do work. I’m like an intern! Now I don’t have to stay to school till 6 o’clock anymore (thank God) hahah.

College stuff

I got into Hofstra Friday. I checked my online portal. Now I’m just waiting for them to send me the enrolling freshman stuff which should be in the mail any day now.
Wagner college said it has started to send out acceptance letters, so I should hear something in February and U of R sends out the letters this Friday, so I’ll get it at latest, next Tuesday! Yay!


I’m improving in AP lit and it feels great to be doing well again. I gotta stick to studying like gardening a plant. If I miss a day of watering I get dry and crusty. All of my other classes are well at SWW. My most busy week of February and all of my teachers want to assign HW. #TheStruggle. I’m dealing with senioritis at home. I’ll get home around evening time (it’s always evening time haha) and I’ll eat and blah, by the time its HW time I’m sleepy. Plus Senioritis makes me not want to do anything I have to force myself to do anything that isn’t English related.
With that said I have a math test at MCC Thursday, and boy I’m glad we had a review yesterday. I’ve noticed I’ll zone out on her and simply write whatever she puts on the board. By doing that though, I’m not comprehending, I’m just recording. So now I’m alert and ask a ton of questions. Which I hope doesn’t bother the other students, but if it does; all well. All of these college kids are extremely quiet. The class, as of right now I have a A+ (yay) but truthfully, I want it to be over. Math is Fun but only when I can do it in my own time, and I can’t stand waking up 6 in the morning when I could sleep in till 8:30.
“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

For now that is all, I want to talk about the Glee Club, but I’ll save that for another blogpost.



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