What break?

How was my break?
What break? Hahahah.
This break has been long time-wise, but it has been full of so much. Working on term papers, doing financial aid, college stuff, homework, and working on the 3rd issue of NWW.
I officially consider myself an intern at the Democrat and Chronicles. I have my own desk area to do my work, and it feels a lot at home. Tuesday and today I worked with Sarah Crupi. She is the creative manager and she’s been giving me useful hints and tips about Indesign. I’ve gotten 2& 1/2 out of 8 pages done on NWW and seriously this issue is such an improvement from the last issue. I can’t wait for everybody to see it!
Sarah has been very kind to me; taking me to lunch, and answering any questions I have. She’s shown what it’s like to work at the D&C.

I just learned something.

News paper come out EVERYDAY.

I get stressed simply doing one paper a month! I couldn’t manage doing a paper everyday. Then again it wouldn’t just be one person doing the paper so I guess it would be easier, but still…

This week has showed me the fun side of working on the paper, and hopefully I can take all that I learned at the D&C this week and keep on applying it to NWW.


News Without Walls has an email for people to send pictures and art.


We also have a twitter account for news, updates, social, etc.


Sarah gave some multimedia ideas, and I really think they’re going to take NWW to a whole new level.

Question: Blog viewers, what do you think would be a good logo for NWW? I have a few ideas, but I want your guys opinion.



Sarah and I.


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