GLEE by Tymoni Correa-Buntley

This was an article Tymoni wrote about the Glee Club that I really enjoyed!


Written by Tymoni Correa-Buntley

 The recent cut of art programs throughout schools nationwide have left students of all ages without an opportunity to express themselves creatively. In attempts of bringing arts back into School Without Walls, two University of Rochester students formed a musical group by the name of SmARTS in 2010. Now in its third year, SmARTS has gained a new name and popularity throughout School Without Walls.

The club, now ran by senior Michael Frazier has received many changes since the club began. Every Friday after school Glee meets in the “Big Room” starting with CPR, circle of power and respect. CPR is a School Without Walls tradition which includes a greeting, reading, sharing and activity. It offers students the opportunity to build new relationships with people in a creative way.

Michael Frazier says, “We do a version of musical CPR; instead of just greeting someone they’ll sing it. I do announcements then we have vocal warmups,” Frazier continued, “Soon we’ll be beginning our own version of The Voice to work on team building, which is exciting because they’re all aspiring artists.”

Michael says much of what occurs on the hit show “Glee” has influenced the way he runs the club. Members now participate in “booty camp”, a phrase that began on “Glee” which includes intense dancing.

“Glee means a lot to me because it gives me a chance to speak my mind through music and dance. I love to dance and so when Michael appointed me as Glee’s new choreographer I was so excited,” said LaKeya Quinn, freshman.

Recently, Glee held their first performance of the year. The performance which filled the schools “big room” was a success. At the end of the school year I will be passing the torch to the member who exemplifies the most dedication and passion. While Glee will soon begin planning for the end of the year performance, they are always looking for more members. If you have a passion for music or dance, be sure to talk to Michael Frazier about joining.

ImageMaddy and I singing a White Christmas remix.

ImageAll of the Glee members singing Jingle Bell Rock at the Winter Showcase.


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