Never Quite as Planned

So I got done at the D&C at around 8 o’clock. Surprisingly I didn’t have a headache, I wasn’t hungry, and I was actually feeling pretty good about what I accomplished. So I prepared to leave and catch my bus when I realized there were only a few journalist left. It was pretty abandoned in the D&C but even in the abandoned building I felt accomplished. Pride beaming from my pores. I Cleaned up my desk area, collected my materials, and headed out like I’ve been at the D&C for years. On my way out I noticed that it was raining, soft soothing rain glittered the ground. It was like the peacefully ending to a nice movie; a late midnight rain washing off the worries of a rugged cool protagonists after a long day of “work”. After striding in the rain like it wasn’t affecting me, I began to notice the rain grow heavier and heavier.
Hail was beating my head. The swagger in my step was soon replaced with aggatated speed walking and stumbling as the hail fell harder.

Being in the comfort of my house now, I can look back and laugh. Whenever I try to act cool or pose I’m always humbled. Always.
I suppose it’s a good thing. I’d rather have hail beat my head then have evenly a slightly proud spirit.



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