Germs. Faster than the speed of light.

Came in the school healthy, prepared and well. Left queasy, tired, and ill-like. Germs spread so fast, and I wish I could travel in a bubble everywhere. I don’t know if it’s because I ate so unhealthy over the weekend (ate out everyday) or if it’s because I’ve been getting a little under 4 hours of sleep lately, regardless, I don’t feel well.
I took a nap and hopefully I’m not all nausea for my field trip tomorrow. I’m going to Nazareth with my global issues class for this global citizens convention. Unfortunately I have to miss the first hour or so, because I can’t afford to miss a day of MCC. I seriously get behind and I’m trying to keep an A average in that class.
Update on my senior project: the 3rd issue is going to be delivered to the school tomorrow by Sarah Crupi (she mines well be my community expert). The paper had a major delay due to power outages, and just time management, but it will be out tomorrow! Alright back to my to-do list of things.

Night world!



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