The Golden and Dark Months Leading to the Future.

The next couple of months are going to be a plummet to the finish line. There are a lot of great things happening  in the next few months (scholarship notifications, college acceptance, friends getting into their colleges, prom, etc), but there are also a lot of stressful/nerve wrecking things (studying for and taking the AP English test, waiting to hear back from Gates and NYU, deciding where I’m going next year, and finishing up my senior project). With all of these things happening in the next two months I never have a bored day. NEVER. It’s kinda exciting having so many things on my plate, and I can only imagine what my years to come are going to be like. 

A majority of my friends applied to college later than me so they are all starting to hear back from their places now. I get so excited for my friends, I feel like a parent a lot of the times. It’s just that my senior class has been together since 7th grade, and it’s exciting to know that in a couple of months we are leaving to fulfill our dreams and make something out of our selves. All of our 15 years of education has prepared us for this. 

It just hit me last Thursday when I was sitting in staff meeting that I’m going to miss my school. School Without Walls is the first school that I’ve actually stayed with for more than two years. I moved a lot as a child, from different parts of Ohio, to different parts of Florida  to finally Rochester. This constant moving made me feel as though I was never really permanent in Rochester and that I’d move again. Well that feeling is finally start to settle as I look back and see that I’ve been in Rochester for almost five years and have made such close relationships with my peers, I will never forget this place or the people I’ve met. 



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