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The Golden Gate Bridge Weeks

So I’m back from the “golden gate bridge two week break.”
The previous 2 week have been jam packed with business, events, good news, dissapointing news, deadlines, HW, blah blah blah. But HW though, goodness. I thought after I’d get into college everything would be easier, but it’s only getting rougher. Senioritis was trying to seduce me the last couple of week, and I really wanted to scumb to its prowess. Of course, I can’t do that, so it’s been #TheStruggle to stay passionate and on task. Thank God there’s weekends though. I would beez in the trap if weekends didn’t exist.

Besides that, school has been great. Im pelted with compliments and praise everyday about NWW, and it feels good hearing people say they like it, and they can truly see the improvement in the issue (issue #4 was released last week). I wish I could continue this next year, but hopefully someone will take the torch and lead NWW in the future. Regardless I know I’m going to join Washington Square News when I go to NYU next year, or maybe even join their very own radio station.

Scholarship and financial aid wise it’s been something. Entering NYU through HEOP gives me not only academic assistance throughout my Highschool career, but also financial. I will only have to pay around 3000 dollars a year ( which I’m working hard to finances through scholarships). I’m not exactly forsure what my bottom line is because my financial aid package is still being formulated (they have to add room and board) so once that’s official I’ll know forsure. Unfortunately I didn’t get the Gates scholarship,

*moment of silence*

I had my day of mourning, but I recovered. Now I’m trying my hardest to win other scholarships. I’m trying my hardest not to have to pay loans. I know my teachers and counselor and getting tired of me asking them for recommendations, hahaha. Im tired of it to. It’s to much to keep track of recommendations and all those extra forms that are involved.

So while the hunt for scholarships continues, I’m torn about which dorm room I want. I have two top choices; Hayden and Goddard. They’re both on Washington Square Park (except Hayden is 2 mins away while Goddard is directly on it). I’m torn because Goddard is a residential college so they do projects and community service together an they have themes like extended classes. It’s the smallest dorm with only 200 people it’s very close knit. On the other hand Hayden is not a residential college, but is know as the social and party dorm. It has 700 people, it has a dining hall in it unlike Goddard, and I believe they have a workout room which Goddard doesn’t have. They both have there pros and cons but I don’t know if I want to have the structure of a residential college. So I’m trying to figure out, and I have to figure out soon, because the deadline is creeping in the corners. I think I’m gonna email some of the RAs today and ask them about the dorms.

The countdown is on!
2 months and 2 weeks.

Glee is having two performances this Friday. Tay and Chenille are singing, “Stay” and I’m accompanying on the piano, and Olivia and Cindy are singing “down”. Unfortunately Maddy won’t be here to sing, but we know she’s in a better place singing for X-Factor!

“Mission Save SWW”: this school wide project has exploded and everyone is doing what they can to save the school. I’ve gotten support from seniors who transferred from our school and I actually have someone making a video on how SWW has changed their life. From the D&C they’re gonna have their education writer come and they’re gonna write a sorry about us in the paper. Press Coverage! And I’m suppose to write for the D&C (not positive what it is yet). Trying everything I can to save SWW and pulling on all of the resource I have.

Slam is going fine, I don’t know what I want to do for my Indi I may have no other choice but to do my Shakespeare poem. I really wanted to write about my lying poem or my afraid to leave home poem, but as I started writing them over the weekend they didn’t click, at least not just yet. So I need more time and maybe I’ll have something Wednesday.

Besides that, I’ve made a whole bunch of new friends lately and I even met another student who’s goes to irondeqoit high school who got into NYU and through HEOP. So we plan on linking up, I’m not for sure what a good hang out would be, but I’m thinking paint balling. What better way to get to know someone, than firing hazardous balls at them. Hahah.
I am not use to hanging out with people and I need to work myself out of this mold, cuz in the city I know being social is going to be the best thing.
Senior deadline coming up!
Gotta schedule my final meeting.



Postponed Climax

This week has been non stop homework and business. I thought getting into college was going to be the climax of the year, and things would slow down after that, but things are just getting more gruesome haha.
Only two more months left! Wooh!

Other news, slam poetry has been going well this year. I’m ready to start other poetry and be done with Shakespeare slams though. Team “Chasted” has to be revised and reformed due to slacker workers though, so I’m anxious to see how that turns out. Joe my poetry instructor made a good point about Slams. It can help you deal with things you may have buried or be powerful enough to change things in yours and others lives. With that said one thing I’ve pushed to the back of my life is some of my past friendships. How they were destroyed by peer pressure, drugs, low self esteem, and lies. Especially lies, my last guy best friend lied to me constantly over the tinesy thing to the most severe things. I gave up on the friendships some years ago, but there’s still a part of me that wants to talk about it, exspress how I truly feel [because talking to the friend about it was impossible (due to them being over emotional)]. And I know that others go trough the same things so it can be relatable, I’m gonna start it over the weekend and I already have a refrain for the poem “Don’t Lie to me” or maybe a sarcastic twist to it, “Lie to me.” Either way it’s gonna be a border line rant poem with a different perspective on how it feels to be deceived and ultimately not trusted. Stay tuned bloggers!

Also! I should hear back from Gates Millennium next week. Pray, hope, and best wishes that I get good news!


My dad is a police officer, while I’m proud to say this, my child hood was much different from the average kid. My dad was very protective of me and my brother and instilled in us a very overly cautious mentality.

You can only trust family.

Everyone is out to get you.

No traveling without us.

Don’t go over your friends house.

Don’t eat anyone else food no matter what, they’ll try to poison you.

Little things like this were repeated constantly in my household as a kid, and while his intentions were in the right place, the over-protectiveness didn’t allow me or my brother to grow. It actually had the opposite affect,  making the world seem very dark and scary to us.

Of-course we left, and by moving to Rochester I’ve gained more than I ever would of thought. Even though I don’t have his influence over me, I’m still very cautious and protective of my family. Little quirks that he taught me come out, but usually it’s the good ones, like watch your back, and make sure all the doors are lock.

Now that I plan on leaving fr college next year, and the possibility of going to NYC is more likely  I’m a little nervous when I think about my family. My lil brother is 16, but he is so shy and anti social that I fear he won’t be able to man the house while I’m gone. I wouldn’t have that concern if my mom had a boy friend or husband to be with her, but she doesn’t and Jamichael is going to be all that she has left. Which is worrisome. For example I went to bed super early one day (around 6) so it was just Jamichael up in the house, I wake up 2 in the morning and I’m walking around the house and I notice that the door was unlocked. Anything could of happened! Another time everyone in my family left the house and when we came home I see that they left a candle on surrounded by very flammable things.  Little things like this cause big problem and it worries me to think they are going to be all on their own next year. I get slightly queasy thinking about it. This is another topic I think I want to make a slam poem about, because while everyone’s afraid to leave and be on their own, I’m afraid to leave them on there own.





Young, Blessed & Free?

So I’ve given up on the idea that this break was going to be wild and free. (Back in September I told myself I was going to be in a tropical island at this time of the year). That obviously didn’t work out, but I’m enjoying what I am doing. Easter, NYU acceptance, and my birthday, all of these things back to back. So I haven’t been bored at all, I can tell you that. Of course I have to weave in home work and my senior project into all the things that are going on. I’m trying to make the most out of this break before I go back, cause once I get back to school it’s AP boot camp, Glee club intensifies, the poetry slam process will begin and my senior project will be in its last phase. Whew, what a year it’s been, can’t believe we only have two months left. I can seriously say I’ve accomplished more this year then I have in any of my other years. True progress! I don’t really have much more to blog about, I’ve been in a anti blogging, anti social media, anti tell people about my life kind of mood lately. Anyway, have a good spring break blog followers!