Young, Blessed & Free?

So I’ve given up on the idea that this break was going to be wild and free. (Back in September I told myself I was going to be in a tropical island at this time of the year). That obviously didn’t work out, but I’m enjoying what I am doing. Easter, NYU acceptance, and my birthday, all of these things back to back. So I haven’t been bored at all, I can tell you that. Of course I have to weave in home work and my senior project into all the things that are going on. I’m trying to make the most out of this break before I go back, cause once I get back to school it’s AP boot camp, Glee club intensifies, the poetry slam process will begin and my senior project will be in its last phase. Whew, what a year it’s been, can’t believe we only have two months left. I can seriously say I’ve accomplished more this year then I have in any of my other years. True progress! I don’t really have much more to blog about, I’ve been in a anti blogging, anti social media, anti tell people about my life kind of mood lately. Anyway, have a good spring break blog followers!



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