My dad is a police officer, while I’m proud to say this, my child hood was much different from the average kid. My dad was very protective of me and my brother and instilled in us a very overly cautious mentality.

You can only trust family.

Everyone is out to get you.

No traveling without us.

Don’t go over your friends house.

Don’t eat anyone else food no matter what, they’ll try to poison you.

Little things like this were repeated constantly in my household as a kid, and while his intentions were in the right place, the over-protectiveness didn’t allow me or my brother to grow. It actually had the opposite affect,  making the world seem very dark and scary to us.

Of-course we left, and by moving to Rochester I’ve gained more than I ever would of thought. Even though I don’t have his influence over me, I’m still very cautious and protective of my family. Little quirks that he taught me come out, but usually it’s the good ones, like watch your back, and make sure all the doors are lock.

Now that I plan on leaving fr college next year, and the possibility of going to NYC is more likely  I’m a little nervous when I think about my family. My lil brother is 16, but he is so shy and anti social that I fear he won’t be able to man the house while I’m gone. I wouldn’t have that concern if my mom had a boy friend or husband to be with her, but she doesn’t and Jamichael is going to be all that she has left. Which is worrisome. For example I went to bed super early one day (around 6) so it was just Jamichael up in the house, I wake up 2 in the morning and I’m walking around the house and I notice that the door was unlocked. Anything could of happened! Another time everyone in my family left the house and when we came home I see that they left a candle on surrounded by very flammable things.  Little things like this cause big problem and it worries me to think they are going to be all on their own next year. I get slightly queasy thinking about it. This is another topic I think I want to make a slam poem about, because while everyone’s afraid to leave and be on their own, I’m afraid to leave them on there own.






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