Postponed Climax

This week has been non stop homework and business. I thought getting into college was going to be the climax of the year, and things would slow down after that, but things are just getting more gruesome haha.
Only two more months left! Wooh!

Other news, slam poetry has been going well this year. I’m ready to start other poetry and be done with Shakespeare slams though. Team “Chasted” has to be revised and reformed due to slacker workers though, so I’m anxious to see how that turns out. Joe my poetry instructor made a good point about Slams. It can help you deal with things you may have buried or be powerful enough to change things in yours and others lives. With that said one thing I’ve pushed to the back of my life is some of my past friendships. How they were destroyed by peer pressure, drugs, low self esteem, and lies. Especially lies, my last guy best friend lied to me constantly over the tinesy thing to the most severe things. I gave up on the friendships some years ago, but there’s still a part of me that wants to talk about it, exspress how I truly feel [because talking to the friend about it was impossible (due to them being over emotional)]. And I know that others go trough the same things so it can be relatable, I’m gonna start it over the weekend and I already have a refrain for the poem “Don’t Lie to me” or maybe a sarcastic twist to it, “Lie to me.” Either way it’s gonna be a border line rant poem with a different perspective on how it feels to be deceived and ultimately not trusted. Stay tuned bloggers!

Also! I should hear back from Gates Millennium next week. Pray, hope, and best wishes that I get good news!



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