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Hot, Hot, Hot!

The color updates have become very infrequent. So now I’m just going to change them to the color of whatever the current NWW colors are. The February Issue is going to be orange, light red, yellow, and white. All very warm and inviting colors.

The love holiday just passed.

March should bring more warmth to Rochester.

I’m working out to get my summer body together (bigger pectoral muscles!).

Were at the climax of the year, (only 3 months of school left).

Hot Hot Hot!

I’m ready to bring this heat and energy to the last week of February, because the Lord knows I need it.

(Tomorrow is “my time of the month” [refer to my other blog post back in January] so I’m going to need all the energy I can get. hahaha.)



Sky Blue and White

I changed the blog’s theme to sky blue and white. For the new year of course. Light blue always remains me of the new year baby from the folk story, and white is for a clean start.
My short term goal is to get everything in order, because the quarter is ending soon, and to jut get to a point where I dot have to worry about so much stuff that’s on my plate. I’m achieving this my de-cluttering my schedule. (Actually got home at 3 today!


Red, White, & Blue

This week the color for my blog is red. I chose red obviously for election week, but also this will be the second week of NWW. I sent out a survey to get feedback on what students want for the school news paper. I love America’s democratic thinking, of letting our voices be heard, and I really wanted NWW to be open to student and teacher opinions.

“Run by the students for the students”.

America is the land of freedom, and this week more than any other we can see the foundation that our forefathers set for us strive.

Grey Skies

This weeks color is grey.
Not only am I feeling the color grey, but it’s a nice color. Haha. I’m not working AT ALL this week (which is complete heaven) , but on the other hand, I’m busy everyday after school and durning lunch.
So even though I’m free falling in blue skies I have scatters clouds thought my week.
Tomorrow is my first senior meeting, so that’s pretty exciting. College and finical aid night this Thursday and Oktoberfest is Friday. It’s an amazing tradition at SWW, and my favorite part is all of the delicious food.
Lastly I’m waiting to hear from the U of R to see if I’ve been accepted into the Multicultural Visitation Program. MVP is a 3 day visitation program to get the feel for college.
So, wish me blessings and success for another week!


Color explanation; Gold

This week’s color is going to be gold.
I choose gold, because I feel exuberant and reflective of all the great things gonna on in my life.

An update on my senior project;
my first senior meeting HAS to be held before November 2, and I believe that my meeting will be October 23rd. That’s a Tuesday. All I have to do is double check with Mar, and see if that day has a green light, then make sure my student members Ruthie and Anthony are on board. Meanwhile I’ve been working on applying to the MVP program for the U of R, and I’ve made my first draft for my college essay. I’m officially getting my gears turning for college applying, and I believe U of R is gonna be the first application I work on. After; the tours, going to the RAC yesterday, and researching U of R I’m excited. The University of Rochester looks like it will be an amazing school, and I pray to God that I’m accepted. After researching some statistics their average admission scores are very high. My reading SAT scores fall in range, but my writing and math don’t. For now. I’m more than confident my math went up on the recent SAT I just took. Besides SAT though, I think as an “all around student” I’m college ready.
Just hopefully, the admission office can see that.

Steady Sailing; Color Explanation

This weeks color is a different shade of blue. Just like last week the color was ocean blue, due to the vastness of it. The differentiation of blue represents me speedily sailing this week.
I’m working eighteen hours this week. Which for me, is vast compared to the three hours that I’ve grown accustomed to in the pass two weeks.
With that in mind, major things coming up this week there’s my; first thesis test in advance lit, 2nd math test of the year, and movie night friday. It’s a pretty chalked full week, so I’m glad that we have monday off at school.


Still sailing; Mood explanation

If you’ve noticed, this week color hasn’t changed. It’s still ocean blue. I feel as though I’m sailing of of the momentum of last week, and really just wasn’t inspired to change my color. Which is fine.
I will say though, the island like water I’m wading in is starting to heat up. Next week is going to be a killer starting tomorrow, with the SAT so I’m preparing myself mentality now (wish me luck!). Then it’s 18 hours of working. Gotta pay for these school plays!


Vast Hopes – Mood explanation 9/24

This weeks color is ocean blue.

Ocean blue in particular, because my hopes and dreams for this year are like the ocean. Big vast, and endless. Forever wanting to expand and engulf anything that comes in it’s way. As I’ve been reading the Lighting Thief in extended class I’be begun to marvel at the power of water. How strong, and yet how gentle. How destructive, yet how restorative. A double edged sword. Dreams can also be a double edged sword; if you follow your dreams then praise, but if not, if your dreams are deferred they could explode and become a heavy weight.

Poseidon tells Percy “The sea does not like to be retrained” (p.345). Well my dreams are the same. They don’t like to be restrained, held down, thrown to the back, or cast aside. I’m going to take this hope of an exceedingly great school year and break the levees that is my mind.


Mood Color explanation: orange Week of 9/17

This week is orange, because I’m a little anxious, nervous, and truthfully stressed. I think it has to do with the classes I’m taking. I take 3 classes with  Mariana (AP, Advance literature, and extended class). I get ALOT of reading work, plus projects. Then there’s math work at MCC. I think the sudden rush of emotions has to do with me not adjusting.I think when I get home I’m going to make me a planned schedule, on how to juggle homework, clubs, and college stuff.

College stuff.

That’s a whole other post. For now I had my senior meeting with Jamie, and she told me to to add more public shcool to my list because mine were all private except one. I already have eight to nine colleges on my list, so either I had to take some off or not add public. I mean I wish I could add some public schools to my list, but after having fifty colleges on my list back in the beginning of June i am very satisfied with my list of eight to nine. So . . . I’ll keep you updated on what happens with my college list. 





First official post; mood color.

This is my first official blog post.
Just a lay out of how things are gonna go.-

Goning to blog ATLEAST 3 times a week, and try my best to keep the blog updated with photos, videos, and other multimedia.
The color of the blog title will change weekly depending on my mood, goals, or season/time. I will explain each week why the color is as it is.

So for the first week 9/10 to 9/14 the color is red. Red because I’m motivated and passionate about what lies ahead in my senior project and senior year!
Red, because as excited as I am I’m also nervous and very apprehensive about what I want to do.
Red, because it’s a foreshadowing color of all of the “deep” emotions I will face this year.