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Last Post?

So tomorrow is my senior meeting!

All of these months have lead up to this, and I’m pretty excited. I just did some final touches on my presentation, and got everything prepared. I’m gonna be a little slumped tomorrow. I’m shooting a commercial with Writers and Books tomorrow morning, then I have to add some  final things to the newspaper before my meeting, and then I’m going to work, then to the movies with my Advance Literature class to see Great Gatsby. Talk about packed!

I’m so glad everything is ending this week. I just had my final at MCC today, so I’ll never have to go back there again. It was pretty hard for me, I’m anxious to find out what I got (tomorrow evening I’ll know).

I’ve thought about it long and hard, and I was thinking if I should continue to blog. I like the constant writing, and the way it captures all of my memories. I don’t know if I’d want it online though . . .

I’m going to consider it though. If I do continue my blog it will be renamed and you guys would have to resuscribe if you want updates and all of that. I thank all of you for following my blog this year! Your comments have really uplifted me, and I would like to give a shout out to my English teacher, Mariana! 😀

Blessings for tomorrow!



I Forgot I Had a Blog

Or to be more precise, I’ve been so busy, that by the time I was done for the day and able to reflect it was some odd hour into the night, or I was tired. Well enough is enough!
I’m forcing myself to write, and keep you readers updated.

I got home from NYC in the wee hours of the morning (Sunday at 4). I had a blast visiting NYU. It was my first time seeing the college and the first time being in NYC in four years (the only other time I went to NYC was when I went on a 3 day trip in 9th grade). So I was pretty overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the city. There was any and everything!

I met with all of my HEOP cohorts, and learned a lot about what will be coming up in the next couple of months. I took placements test, which I’m eager to find out how I did. For English, I wrote a bangin thesis on what it’s like to he “brown,” it was a prose and opinion essay. While the grammar part was blah. I’m not the best at grammar, so I won’t oppose having an extra grammar class. Math on the other hand was something. It was a calculus test. When was the last time you heard SWW students taking calculus? Right.
I was sure I was going to fail the test horribly, but to my surprise I knew a majority of it! The math I’ve been learning at MCC covered a majority of what was on the placement test. Deciding to take math elsewhere was one of my best senior moves. I have to remind myself to pass on this tidbit of information to the underclass men.

These test were to decide what summer classes we are going to take. And although the summer classes don’t count as credits it will be the first grades that show up on our transcript. So I gotta be on my “A” game! Literally, hahaha.
After testing we learned about housing and heop info, met with counselors, and learned about the individual schools we’re apart of (I’m apart of the “liberal studies program”).

Exploring the city was something else. I saw so many stores I wanted to go in, great food places, and just beautiful scenery. NYU has buildings disbursed all across manhattan (a majority in lower manhattan), so it seems a little scattered, but once you enter one of the buildings they’re so large and they feel so cut off from the city it’s like it’s own indivuidual place. I like that.

After getting NYU tour stuff done, and making some friends, I traveled with my mom and auntie for a while. Then went to harlem with my mom’s cousin to eat at Sylvias (the Sylvia that’s on the hot sauce, and other soulfood cans). It was a soul food restaurant, and whew, it was great. I was beyond stuffed after leaving there.

So after getting high off of college vibes I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to start right then and there! I have less than two months, I can be patient. Besides as much as I’m ready to run off and start city life, I have much left to finish here in the Roc, and I have to spend as much time with my friends as possible before I leave.

So back to the Roc.
I have to finish the newspaper by Friday. I haven’t been able to work on it at all because my laptop doesn’t have the program I need to work on NWW anymore. You can only imagine the breakdown I had when I found this out. This means I have to do the entire last issue at school, in barely a week. It’s going to be Janurary’s issue all over again (staying at school till 6). The only bright side I could see to this situation is that I’ll be done with NWW soon enough. Fortubately AP is over so I’ll have my Monday and Friday lunch block free. Meaning I can spend a straight two hours working on NWW on these days. So pray for me everyone, this week is going to be hetic, and it doesn’t make things better that prom is this Friday as well. #TheStruggle

Regardless of what happens though, I’m still gonna have fun at prom! Got my tux picked out and at first I thought I was going to go traditional but the red one I chose really caught my eye. It’s designed after what Bruno Mars wore to the Grammys two years ago, and I really like that vintage yet classy look. Teresa is adamant on wearing the 50s look. She doesn’t even want to wear heels! I told her that prom is suppose to be the day where everyone dresses up and be fancy because it’s “their special day,” but she held with her decision. The long conversation we had about prom attire reminded that prom is not about looking the best, but having fun. At first I was a little apprehensive of Teresa having such a different look, and not looking like the typical prom girl, but I realize that by her dressing the way she wants, she will feel like a prom queen, and really that’s all that matters! It was a little warming to know that no matter how busy with life I may get, valuable lessons can still wiggle their way into my everyday life.

In other news “Mission: Save SWW” has deferred for the last week ( with AP going on I couldn’t really focus on anything else), but I will begin phase two. “Sea of Letters.” I’m gonna type a little memo up for everyone asking them to write a letter about what SWW has done for them and how much the school means to them, so we can mail them to the board of education. I feel like this is going to have a powerful impact!

I’ve decided I want to learn sign language, so I’m having Madeline teach me daily. I’ve always been interested in signing but Teresa NEVER wants to teach me. She’s so stubborn, I swear. Luckily there’s Maddy and she’s more than happy to show me stuff so I’m pumped to start learning. *I already know the alphabet!*

This post is starting to get a little long winded, so I’ll stop for now. Below I have some pics of my trip! Goodnight and God bless, y’all!





Picture 1: Wahington Square park. Which is the center of NYU. It is surrounded by many NYU buildings and my dorm is right on the edge of the park.

Picture 2: When we went to Harlem we stopped by the Apollo theatre.

Picture 3: All of the HEOP kids did an activity (sort of like the game part of our CPR) we had to create a scene out of a whole bunch of materials, depending on the countries we received. We got Prouge, which I had no idea about. I created the blue face on the ballon (it’s lady liberty).